Acts 2:41-47
What We Believe: Church Membership Pt2

This week we are back in our series of What We Believe. This series will take us through the Purpose of the Church, the benefits of Church Membership, the qualifications of the Leadership of the Church, and how the Church should function in the Christian's life.

This week we are looking at part two of what church membership is all about from a biblical point of view. Today we answer the questions: How do I join a local church, When should I leave my local church, and How do I leave my church? 

When we join a church we should do so because God is calling us to that church ministry, not because of the benefits of what that particular church has to offer. When we leave a church we should do so in God's timing, and we should leave in a godly manner. The church is designed by God, to function in a specific way, but we need to adhere to God's design for His church and our lives within His church ministry.

Listen in and consider God's truths in regard to your own church ministry.