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Looking for a church? Haven't been to church in a long while? Never been to church? Come visit ours! We are a small family size church that is friendly and enjoys gathering together to fellowship around God's Word, the Bible. God's Word has changed us to be more helpful, more loving, and more caring people. Come see for yourself what God's Word can do for you.

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Have you seen our Giant OCC Box?
Come help us fill a smaller versions of that box with toys and necessities for kids in need!

Every year in November, we collect toys, school supplies, hygiene products, and clothing to send to poverty stricken or war torn areas around the world to children who have no hope at Christmas. We need your help to provide hope through the love of giving to so many children in need. 

There are several ways that you can participate:

1) Take an average-sized shoebox and fill it with items of hope (toys, toiletries, necessities, etc.) and bring it by to drop off during National Collection week - the second week in November.

2) Come on by the church November 20th from 1-3pm for our OCC Shoebox Packing Party. We will provide the boxes and materials to pack, so you just have to put it together (donations are being accepted to supply the funds and pay for the shipping of the boxes).

3) Go online (see button below) and build a box digitally to send off.

4) Go online (see button below) and donate towards the building of boxes or the sending of boxes.

We hope that you will take advantage of these great opportunities to be a blessing to kids in need all over the world!

National Collection Week Drop Off Hours

Monday     November 14     6-8pm

Tuesday     November 15     6-8pm

Wednesday     November 16     6-8pm

Thursday     November 17     6-8pm

Friday     November 18     6-8pm

Saturday     November 19     10a-2p

Sunday     November 20     1-5pm

*Last Day: Monday     November 21     8a-12p

Operation Christmas Child

What did you miss on Sunday?

A study on What We Believe, considering what Spiritual Gifts are, how we are to use them, and how they are developed.

Campbell Baptist Church OR Campbell Bible Church?

We recently updated the name of our church from "Baptist" to "Bible" in order to better clarify what we believe. 

We believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word, that it is without error, and that its contents should be embraced for all of those who want to have a more genuine relationship with God. 

At Campbell Bible Church we embrace the reading and the teaching of the Scriptures. Our Pastor always uses the Bible as a guide and teaches through what the Bible has to say. Have you read the Bible lately? Visit us and see how the helps and encouragement that reading and learning from God’s Holy Word can help you!

We'd like to hear from you!

We would love to pray for you, give you some encouragement, or answer your questions through the Bible!

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