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Recently we had a pipe burst in the ceiling of our offices and classroom building. The damage was a mess and it sent us scrambling around for a way to make the repair and help in getting all of the damage fixed. We have had scores of contractors come through to give us prices and to suggest repairs. Some of these items will be covered by insurance and some will not. 

We need prayer in considering what we need to have repaired, and prayer for the finances to take care of these projects. To start, we will have to replace our pipes. The buildings all have the original pipes and they have outlasted their expectation. It is now time to change everything out to new copper lines. 

Next we have some structural concerns that need to be addressed including: insulation, drywall, and electrical. 

We know that God has a plan for everything and even when we cannot see the end to our circumstance, He does. We are trusting in Him to provide for our needs and we ask that you pray with us as we seek to navigate these issues and be good stewards for what God has provided us. We will be providing regular building updates in this section if you would like to follow our progress.