Matthew 18:15-17
What We Believe: Church Membership Pt3

This week we are back in our series of What We Believe. This series will take us through the Purpose of the Church, the benefits of Church Membership, the qualifications of the Leadership of the Church, and how the Church should function in the Christian's life.

This week we are looking at part three of what church membership is all about from a biblical point of view. Today we answer the questions: How is church discipline loving? And what is my responsiblity to church members who I see living in sin?

As members of a church body we do not just co-exist in the same room and only encourage each other when we are given permission to. God's design is one that both allows and encourages each believer to exhort and encourage each other away from sin and to embrace instead a God filled life - free from being chained to the burden of your sin. This is an opportunity to be an encourager in your ministry. Are you an encourager? Do you help those in your church to see God on a deeper level? The church is designed by God, to function in a specific way, but we need to adhere to God's design for His church and our lives within His church ministry.

Listen in and consider God's truths in regard to your own church ministry.